Moroccan Matting is an extremely light weight
floor covering that can be used on virtually any surface

Welcome to Moroccan Matting

We are a Llanelli based company that has been retailing in carpets and rugs for over 3 generations.

With a passion for Motorhomes and travelling abroad, it was by pure luck we first came across this great product. Used by the Moroccan people in their homes, this woven plastic matting keeps the warmth in and moisture out whilst providing protection from the harsh floor surfaces in their homes.

As the product has such great designs and vibrant colours together with great durability it is perfect for outside caravans and motorhomes. We knew that when used as awning matting it would be a great alternative to all other products currently on the market.

We started importing this product 6 years ago and each year we have developed the product to meet the needs and requirements of theconcerning motorhome/caravaner.

Now esier to stowaway the product is now even more practical to take away with you.

So new for 2010 was our 2.4m which consisted of two 1.2m wide mats professionally seamed down the middle enabling it to be folded into a much smaller package.

New for 2011 are 3 great new colour combinations and 2 great new designs. Together with reinforced edges and high grade UV treated plastics makes the awaning matting even more durable than before.

Available Colours

Red   Blue   Grey


Lightweight & Multipurpose matting